Denson Queens

Champion Denson My Favourite

Denson Favours

Favour was made up to Champion at the Supreme Show 2014. She has already had one kitten, Denson Adelaide, whom I have kept for breeding.

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Hello Grand Champion Denson Mayiam here just waiting to get pregnant.

Bring on the boys please- we'll the handsome ones.

Quite fancy that Wiggy you know, but he prefers my sister Mercedes.

Well we'll soon see about that, now that I am a Grand Champion.

Watch this space!





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Pamela's cats are smartie-cats
They're even known to be party cats.
Pamela's cats have full claim to bed,
Look out for your hats! Here come
Pamela's cats.
Pamela's cats are lean and mean,
They play with snakes and stalk the green.
They come through the flap. Theyr'e in, theyr'e out-
You're always in doubt with Pamela's cats.
Two are brown, one is black, one Siamese and one is grey,
Nothing unusual did I hear you say?
Nothing except that they're
Pamela's cats....
Four are bold, one is shy,
They are slanting of eye, and on the sly
They help them themselves to the dish of the day.
But what can you say? They're
Pamela's cats

Maureen Hymas









Denson May Iam

Denson Cats is proud to announce and introduce our latest F4 girl. Denson May Iam. May was born on May 1st, out of Champion Denson Grace Kelly/Denson Pete Langdon.She is 4th generation 29 - and next year will be mated to a 4th generation boy.This will produce the first CS registered 29's ever.Its only taken six years

Oriental Cat Photo

Grand Champion Denson Dionysus

Grand Champion Denson Dionysus at the USCC show, where she became a Grand Champion and was also awarded Best In Show.

Oriental Cat Photo

Denson Grace Kelly

Denson Havanas (2012) are proud to present 'Denson Grace Kelly'. Grace is the first F3 Havana in our Pure Havana Breeding Programme.She has already been BIS twice, and has her 1st CC.Her eye colour is 'tarragon green' and her coat is remarkable.We hope to mate her later in the year to a French Havana who is pure 29 back to the 1950's. His name is 'Gatsby' ooh la la!!!

Grace is our first F3 girl, her dad is Grand Champion Seido Slipstream and mum Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton.

Her show debut was in Ireland in September 2011, when she was just 14 weeks of age. She achieved BIS. At the Surrey & Sussex show in March 2012 she was awarded her second CC. Later in 2012 we intend to breed her to Gatsby a full 29 dating back to the Roofspringer and Crossways cats of the 1950's.

Oriental Cat Photo

Grand Champion Denson Louisiana

'Lou Lou' will hopefully be having her first litter of babies in the New Year, following the Supreme Show.'Lou Lou' is a sensitive little Havana girl, she fetches, opens doors and even holds her paw up for the Havana Sympathy gesture.She does this epecially at shows - trying too attract attention from people going past - which when they react - she loves. Oriental Cat PhotoOriental Cat Photo

Champion Denson Ronnie Wood

Oriental Black Girl Denson Ronnie Wood Denson Ronnie Wood
Denson Ronnie Wood looking gorgeous and with her first kitten 'Denson Mr Mistofelee's' - the whole litter was named after the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical 'Cat's'.

Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton 'HAVANA' Breed no:29

Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo
Judge Janet Tonkinson holding Emma at the show she became a Champion at and at another show - just showing off!

Emma - born in 1995, sired by the late 'Di North's fabulous Mishkana Bronzeidol - (Teddy).

Emma is a perfect beautiful rich chestnut colour - the colour of a 'chestnut'. She has the greenest of eyes - and that wonderful wishful expression only Havanas possess. Emma has now had several litters of kittens - of which most have been Havanas - often 'show quality'. She is a wonderful generous mother, even nursing her grandkids as well as her own - most recently when her daughter Ronnie Wood was unable to. She is also extremely clever, fetching and retrieving, and opening doors. We love her unconditionally, and are grateful every day to Di and Teddy, who made it possible for me to lay firm foundation stones for my Havana breeding programme.

Champion Denson Lady Hamilton

Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo
  Not bad for having just raised 12 kittens!

Sired by Grand Champion Mishkana Bronzeidol - she has that rich chestnut colour. An extremely loving mum to some 30 + kittens over the past four years. When we are weaning her kittens - she will come to the fridge door and scream until given a juicy titbit. This she will take back to them 'pretend to eat' thus allowing her kittens to steal it off her - clever or what! Emma has beautiful Havana babies, Oriental Black babies and Classic Siamese babies. Her 'soul mate' and best friend for life is Marvin Gaye my Classic Siamese Stud Boy!