Kitten Arrivals and News

Born Dec 20th 2015 - five Champion Sired Suffolk Chocolate Kittens - Classic Havana's, just how they used to be.

Three girls, one boy. Deposits being taken. Photos will be posted soon


Extra Special Arrival  Denson Cats are proud to present their second litter of F4 babies born August 13th 2013. There are 5 babies in total; 3 Havanas and two Oriental Lilacs. One boy and girl will be retained for the breeding programme, and one Havana boy will be going as a pet, there may be one kitten available to the right home. If interested please contact me via the website to be vigorously scrutinised.




Kittens at Denson Orientals

Denson Cats are proud to announce the first ever litter of F4 Havana & Oriental Lilac kittens to be born in the UK on May 1st 21013. Denson Mayiam (Havana) Denson Eastpoint Maybee (Lilac) and Denson Bouzouki Maytime (Lilac) They are out of Champion & International Champion  Denson Grace Kelly, & Denson Peter Langdon. All three are show quality so expect to see the three at the Supreme later this year.


Oriental KittenOriental Kitten

One Classic Choc-Point Siamese boy, available May 11th

Stunning eye colour, fully vaccinated, GCCF registered

Oriental Kitten

Two Gorgeous Black Oriental Male/Female kittens ready April 2011 show/pet quality to approved homes!

Oriental KittenOriental Kitten

Oriental Black Male & Female for sale ready beginning of April - possible show quality.

Denson Cats are proud to announce the following arrivals :

Oriental Kitten Oriental KittensOriental Kittens

Born 25th March 2010 to Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton

3 Classic/Traditional - no big ears here Siamese Babies (2 boys -1 girl)

1 Havana Girl

Deposits being taken for the 2 boys

Born Easter Monday April 5th 2010 to Champion Denson Ronnie Wood

4 Classic/Traditional - no big ears here Siamese Baby Boys

1 Havana girl

1 Oriental Black

Deposits being taken for the 4 boys

Denson Oriental & Classic Siamese Kittens

Our girls usually have one litter per year, all kitten in my wardrobe, where they stay for the first four weeks of their lives. They then bring them downstairs and live in the conservatory and living room - at eight weeks running around the whole downstairs as part of the family. Socialisation is extremely important to all kittens, and allowing them to watch TV, play with the vacuum cleaner and jumping in the washing machine is all part of this process. They also stay with their mum until the day they leave for their new homes.

Occassionally we have kittens for sale - please contact me via the website.

Oriental Kitten Photo Oriental Kitten Photo Oriental Kitten Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo Oriental Cat Photo


“We brought Pete home on the 31st of May & the main thing was I was quite surprised how quickly he has since settled in, & is getting on with Ellie. They seem the best of friends, chase each other up & down the stairs, & curl up in a ball washing each other on the bed at night, all after effectively only three days; one & a half days in a room on his own; half a day of careful introduction; & on the third day there didn’t seem much point in keeping them apart so off they went.
We have had a couple incidents of spraying but have put that down to him only being with us for just under two weeks, so don’t envisage that being too much of a problem. He’s also turned out to be a bit of an escapologist & has investigated every possible way out of the garden that Ellie of myself had never even thought of, & even though only out under supervision, he has so far been hauled out from the middle of a conifer & caught by the tail just in time getting through a hole in the fence. All now plugged up, but just in case I will be making sure he has a collar on with our phone number on before I let him out again, as well as trying another attempt of standing in the middle of the garden pretending I’m a cat, & thinking about how I would do it, short of him getting a ladder out the shed I now think I have I covered.
He has made such a difference to our lives, as although we already had Ellie, having another cat seems to  makes more than twice the feline presence in the house & you tend to stop doing what you normally would do in the evenings when you get home from work & just watch & play with them. The only peace we get is when we put springwatch on the telly, & they both stop to watch the birds like a couple of kids watching cartoons. (By the way he likes those too).”
Kind Regards


Dear Pam,

Just to let you know they are both really happy. We haven't had any spraying incidents since that day, so I think it was definitely related to him slipping outside and then feeling anxious. I also wonder if I let him out and around the house too soon. He is still a little nervous of Arlo (my son) but is becoming more relaxed with Dora. He and Armani (Kafka) play so well together and are really good company for each other.

I thought I would write you a testimonial. As I really think it's the way forward for giving these studs a better quality of life.

I wanted a short haired oriental kitten having had the breed when I was a kid and remembering how family friendly and soulful they are (not to mention beautiful), and I was recommended I get in contact with Pamela. She told me she had a little lilac kitten who had been born to a Havana mum and dad, and I was really excited so went to see him. I actually wanted two cats, to give each other company if we went on family holidays, etc, and when I went to see the kitten, Pamela mentioned that she was planning to neuter his dad and would be looking for a home for him. I jumped at the chance as Bizet, his dad, was exceptionally stunning - a chocolate brown havana with a long slinky body and prominent Roman nose. When I picked him up he wrapped his arms around me.

As the time approached for us to pick up our new cats, I was a little nervous Bizet, having been neutered late, might spray, as we had had a cat previously who had been very anxious and had sprayed a lot around the house. I also didn't know how he would adapt to our two young children. But it has worked out amazingly. Armani the kitten is the most chilled gorgeous little thing, who is unruffled by even my noisy slightly unpredictable son. Bizet has taken longer to settle, but was immediately bonded to me and searched me out when the kids were preoccupied with other things. We have had them for about three weeks now and they are both settled and happy. People have said it's unusual to have a father and son combination, but they get on terrifically, playing and sleeping together and keeping each other company. Bizet is getting more relaxed around the kids and apart from one incident of spraying a few days after he arrived (and was nervous having escaped into the garden temporarily) he has been totally fine. They are wonderful cats and such a lovely addition to our family.

I hope this is okay. By the way. I've got them onto a raw diet - I get food from a website called Natural Instinct. It's got everything they need, bone, boarge, chicken and beef, some grain, i think, and it arrives frozen. they both absolutely love it.

Hope you are well. Take care, Lily

Oriental Cat PhotoI had a pair of Oriental males for 10 years. They were half-brothers of the same age. Twiglet was a havana and Gravy a cinnamon. They were very different in temperament but very devoted to each other - constantly grooming, playing and sleeping with each other. When I moved from London to a farm in Suffolk Gravy became a hunter and Twiglet stayed more or less around the house. However, both of them loved their new surroundings and any furry creatures Gravy caught (mainly rabbits) were brought home and shared.

They were on the farm for 4 years and then Twiglet suddenly started losing weight. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his liver and within a couple of weeks he was so weak and feeble he had to be put to sleep. I was devastated and, it became clear, so was Gravy. As the weeks went on, Gravy was clearly not getting over the loss . The evenings were the worst - he would whine and fret and become very clingy. I thought he needed a mate but knew he wouldn't take to a mature cat - the nightly fights with the farm cats had proved that. However, I was fearful that if I got a kitten he would see it as something to hunt and it would go the same way as the rabbits he caught.

Oriental Cat PhotoNevertheless, after a few weeks, I contacted Pamela to seek her views on introducing a kitten. She told me she didn't think it would be a problem. She had been involved with pairing older cats with kittens or young cats and had not seen a situation where it hadn't worked. In the end I bit the bullet. Pamela had a 10 month old havana available called Mickey. She was very pretty, but looked similar in size and shape to Twiglet, had a lovely mischievous temperament and after meeting her I decided to give it a go.

They started their relationship with some hissing and paw batting and I feared the worst. However, that was only day 1. On day 2, they started to sniff each other and by day 4 they were curled around each other, happy to sleep, groom and play together. Four weeks on, they do everything together. Gravy is showing her where the best rabbits are, what not to do to a chicken and the quickest way back to the cat flap.
I am happy, they are happy and the pictures speak for themselves.

Mickey seems to be back on form - the throat problems have all gone and she and Gravy have been out hunting.