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Cats Show Extravaganza

My Last My Everything Saturday May 21st at the Suffolk & Norfolk Show. DENSON My First, Denson My Last and DENSON My Everything stole the show. They came first, second and BOB in their Opens, competing against each other. And My First was awarded BIS Oriental Kitten. They also came first in all their side classes WOW!



Imperial Champion Denson Wiggins

Siamese Stud Cat PhotoI am so proud to announce that Wiggy my beautiful Oriental Lilac boy became an Imperial Grand Champion on October 3rd 2015 at the joint Siamese Show.

He is the gentlest most gorgeous boy I have ever had.

Well done Wiggy Mumxxxx


Champion Denson Albert

Siamese Stud Cat PhotoAlbert became a Champion at the joint Siamese show yesterday October 3rd 2015.

I am so proud of this beautiful F4 Havana boy.


Champion Denson My Favourite

Siamese Stud Cat PhotoFavour was made up to Champion at the Supreme Show 2014. She has already had one kitten, Denson Adelaide, whom I have kept for breeding.


Grand Champion Denson Wiggins

Siamese Stud Cat PhotoDenson Cats are proud to announce that their beautiful stud boy became Grand Champion Denson Wiggins at the Seal Point Siamese Cat Club Show on February 21st 2015. Wiggy named after his dad Champion Sambouzouki Wiggins, is the most gentle boy I have ever had. We are expecting kittens from him in the next few weeks, which should include the first Suffolk Lilac babies.



Pic 1

"Grand Champion Denson Mayiam"

Well that didn't take long, mum thinks I'm shy but I love it, and all the attention.

Best bit though is when I get to curl up in bed at night with her, and we tell each other stories about our day.

It's great being a cat in Felixstowe, and Mercedes my best friend has now to up her game to Catch me up. Although she has had kittens - and I haven't yet.

Can't wait for the Supreme!



Champion & International Champion Denson Grace Kelly became a Grand Champion at the Essex Show on Saturday April 12th.Many thanks to judges Joyce Higgins & Elizabeth Corps. Grace's daughter Denson Mayiam was awarded her second CC, BOB, and Best Overall Oriental Adult. And to make it even more a family victory, Grace's son Denson Wiggins was awarded Best Overall Oriental Kitten. Definitely  a red card day for Denson Cats.

Denson Cats

Proudly Presents

Mack became a Champion at the Ulster Show on Nov 3rd.Many thanks to judge Margaret Baker. He is a beautiful, extremely gentle 3rd generation Havana boy, who was born November 2012. Mack is at stud to breeders in our breeding programme.

Denson Cats


Denson Cats are proud to announce that Champion Denson Dionysus aka Lardy Lass, became a Grand Champion at the USCC show on November 2nd 2012

Dion behaved impeccably, and was also awarded BIS


Denson Cats are proud to introduce Denson Bruce Graham Nutt (BG)

BG has been in two shows now, one in Dublin when he flew from Southend Airport.The second in Bangor, where he sailed from the port of Birkenhead. BG was awarded BIS in Dublin, and 1st and BOB in both shows. He travels and handles just like his daddy Champion Denson Georges Bizet. We have high hopes for BG who is named after our friend Bruce, an Australian sheep farmer.


Denson Show Cats


Champion Denson Dionysus with her second Grand CC at the Eastern Counties Show on Sat August 4th 2012.

Many thanks to judge Jenny Jones, who stated 'Dion has lovely eyes'




Denson Cats would like to introduce their latest Champion Stud Boy:

Champion Georges Bizet

Bizet became a Champion at the Suffolk & Norfolk Cat show May 19th. Many thanks to judge Anne Gregory. Bizet has now been neutered and will accompany his son lilac Denson Armani to a pet home in London. He has sired many kittens in the past 8 months, and we hope that two or three of them will be appearing on the show bench in the future. Denson Aramis an F3 Havana Boy has gone to breeder Sue White for stud purposes.Aramis will be integrated fully into our Havana Pure Breeding Programme.


Denson Cats are proud to present Champion & International Champion Denson Grace Kelly

Grace achieved CFA championship earlier in the year, and on Sat May 5 th at the HOLCC show she became a GCCF champion . Grace has now been mated and we expect babies at the beginning of July.



Denson Cats are proud to present Champion Denson Rosa Parkes

Rosa, aptly named after an American Civil Rights Campaigner - you know the brave black lady who wanted to sit at the front of the bus

Rosa, Champion Denson Ronnie Woods daughter, is exactly like her mum. A beautiful Oriental Black, glossy and stroppy - everything an Oriental Black should be.

Rosa became a champion recently at the Surrey & Sussex Show. She has now retired to become a mum.


Dion became a Champion at the Ulster Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club Show on November 5th 2011. To date Dion's show career has been truly amazing. She has been BIS twice, the first in Ireland as a kitten at 14 weeks and the second her breed club show 'HOLCC' in May.We are all very proud of her and look forward to showing her off at the Supreme show shortly. 

Champion Denson Christine Cagney 29

'Cagney' who is only just 12 months old - became a Champion at the Suffolk & Norfolk Show on Saturday May 21st.We are all very proud of her at home. Hopefully later in the year we will hear the patter of tiny' Cagnies' - as it has always been our intention to breed from her.
Siamese Cat PhotoSiamese Cat Photo

Denson Show Brags

Congratulations Seido Sea Hawk (Wilson) on becoming a CHAMPION at the Supreme Show November 2010 Thankyou so much to his breeder Sue Lloyd of Seido Cats - your boy is a really beautiful charmer!

Siamese Cat Photo

Denson Cats proudly presents Denson Dionysus aka 'Dion'

Dion achieved Best Oriental in her first show in Ireland in September 2010 - sadly her Beautiful Blind Mum 'Venus' died the morning of the show. Dion also been awarded Overall Best Oriental for September 2010 in Cat Planet's RC competiton. Dion is 3rd generation Havana, and will be an asset to the Denson 29 breeding programme.Next year we hope she will produce 4th generation 29's.

Siamese Cat Photo

proudly presents:

Siamese Cat Photo

We are delighted to announce our first Grand Champion Girl 'Lou Lou'. A 4th generation Havana out of Nutrostar Marvin Gaye & Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton. Lou Lou is a credit to the Denson Havana breeding programme. It is hoped by the end of 2011 Denson Cats will have bred a pure '29' which will be entered for the first time on the CS register with the GCCF. Our Havana line carries no Cinnamon or Caramel. Look out for Lou Lou who will be on exhibition this year at the Supreme Show on the HOLCC club table.

Denson Cats is proud to introduce 'Denson Christine Cagney - our gorgeous new Havana baby girl. Cagney won the open and BOB at the Gywnedd Show on July 17th.Thankyou so much to John Harrison for a brilliant write up - see below:
Siamese Cat PhotoSiamese Cat PhotoSiamese Cat Photo

Havana Kitten
1 & BoB Sharp-Popple’s DENSON CHRISTINE CAGNEY 29 F 05-04-10

A very small baby with a gorgeous temperament, and in very good condition. Head of overall balance and good type. Ears good size and set. Good profile. Eyes of good shape and set, very promising colour. Short close coat of good texture. Colour appeared to be good rich brown and sound to roots. A sweet natured baby showing promise.

Champion Denson Ronnie Wood (37) Oriental Black
Denson Ronnie Wood

On Saturday 27th February 2010 - my beautiful girl 'Ronnie' became a Champion at the Coventry & Leicester show. Ronnie is now retiring from the show bench to become a mum!

Siamese Cat Photo

Many congratulations to Denson Katrina Joyce (24B) fondly known as 'Toffee' - Sire Nutrostar Marvin Gaye - Dam Champion Dension Lady Emma Hamilton .

'Toffee' was awarded her first CC by Judge John Hanson at the London Cat Club Show in June 2009. John Hanson praised 'Toffee's' coat colour and texture. Thankyou Jackie and Gary Hatchett for taking such good care of our lovely little choc point girl.I'm sure that she will make Champion in no time at all with all your care and attention.

Well done Champion Denson Louisiana (29) Sire Nutrostar Marvin Gaye, Dam Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton.

'Lou Lou' was made up at the Gywnnedd Cat Club Show July 09. She also was awarded BOB. BOV and Best Oriental Adult. She is truly stunning - a credit to her mum Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton. 'Lou Lou' is everything an Havana should be; with a sound rich chestnut brown non-agouti coat, beautiful green eyes, and most importantly she has a non exagerrated head, with that 'whatever' Havana expression. We love her to bits.

Oriental Cat Photo

Pic 1 Oriental Cat Photo