Denson Oriental & Classic Siamese Cats & Kittens

Yes we've done it!!

Denson El Cid our first ever CS registered Havana baby.

24 Havana's and 7 Lilacs in his pedigree.

Only taken 8 yrs amazing or what. 

Denson Cats

Since 2007 Denson Cats have produced all the Champions below:

Imperial Grand Champion Denson Wiggins 29c

Grand Champion Denson My Favourite 29

Grand Champion & International Champion Denson Grace Kelly 29

Grand Champion Mayiam 29

Grand Champion Dionysus 29

Grand Champion & Premiere Denson Louisiansa 29

Grand Champion Denson Lady Emma Hamilton 29

Grand Champion Denson Christine Cagney 29

Champion Denson Ronnie Wood 37

Champion Denson Rosa Parkes 37

Champion Denson Albert 29

Champion Denson Rolls Royce 29c

Champion Denson Maybee 29c

Champion Bryn Denson Macktheknife 29

Champion Ceres 29

Champion Denson George's Bizet 29

Champion Denson Mercedes 29


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Denson cats is located overlooking the beach in the sleepy Suffolk Edwardian town of Felixstowe. You know the one where Edward courted Mrs Simpson - the American divorcee who lived here in the 1920's. My name is Pamela Sharp - Popple (PSP for short). We have been breeding and showing Traditional Siamese since the late 70's and Orientals since 2003 and I have been showing my Havana's and Oriental Black's since 2005. Denson Cats specialises in Havanas and Blacks - and we have recently purchased an Oriental Lilac Girl 'Connie' to add to our household. My Havana's carry no cinnamon and their coat colour is a perfect sound to the roots 'chestnut brown'. Over the past 3 years we have had considerable success with our Havana's on the show bench - and the judges are consistently commenting on their excellent type and nature.

We only have 2 or 3 litters a year - all of which live in the house as part of the family, socialising with people, dogs, children and household appliances. By doing this none of our kittens have ever scratched their new owners. All potential homes are vetted - and yes I have refused to sell a kitten.Kittens are sold GCCF registered, fully innoculated, wormed and insured by Pet Plan.